Rare Aquarium Plants

We now how over 350 species of aquarium plants.

Many of these plants are rare gems

In any collector's tank.

Some plants are just beautiful

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After owning a landscape and aquascaping company for 20+ years and raising seven children I decided to get back into a hobby I enjoyed 20 years back.  My son Sean was actually the person responsible for getting me back into the hobby.  I always kept large cichlids before and so that was how I started back,  but that soon gave way to the love of the plant.  I truly enjoy just growing plants.  I started selling on a forum called The Planted Tank.  While learning to grow plants with the help of numerous others in the hobby,  I expanded and expanded again to grow more and more species.  Selling became easier and I soon realized this  was going to be my retirement job/passion. My shipping and growing skills improved and have had a 100% success rate over the years selling.  My goal is to ship you the very best plant possible.    I will earn your trust and your business.  


Thomas (bartohog) Bartlett 

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Most of our plants are all aquarium plants, that is when you reieve your plants they will have already gone through the transformation process. The transformation the plant has to go through is difficult if all the plants requirments are not met. We do that for you, when you reiceive your plant it is ready for submersed growing. Submersed growth will look alot different from the emersed growth, of a terrestrial grown plant. Know what your buying, and buy quality.

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